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Lapel Structural House Moving is a professional mover of all types of structures and buildings. We move houses with masonry, pier and beam, stucco and slab foundations. In addition to houses, we also move double wide mobile homes, play houses, barns, silos, steel buildings, sheds, motels, green houses, train cars, locomotives, cabooses, heavy equipment, quarry equipment, hoppers, boats, and just about anything else you can think of. We've even moved a historical building dating back to the 1800s! We're dedicated to providing you with quality service, and want to ensure that the moving process is  as timely and painless as possible.

What we do

Moving an object is a difficult process that requires precision and expertise. The size and weight of the structure are important factors. We use sturdy I beams, placed underneath the object, to support the house during the move. It's crucial that these I beams don't deflect or bow as they are lifted, so if the structure is so wide that it sags off the side of the beams, crossbeams will be needed for additional support. 


To lift the object, we use air bags, hydraulic toe jacks and, in some cases, large winch trucks. Once the structure is raised, dollies are placed under the beams to carry the load. After everything is secured, we tow the building to its new location.

Watch us work

To see more, check out our YouTube page. Or keep an eye on our Facebook; we love to share our work there, too.

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